Fitness, Food and Fun

Vacation Camps

Vacation camps are conducted during the summer and winter school holidays.

Our Vacation Camp curriculum allows us to activate intense regimens, combining fitness and fun, interspersed with sessions on healthy food habits.

The structure of the classes allows personal attention to be devoted to kids, who return back to their homes each day, refreshed, revived and ready for more.

Classes can also be customised based on inputs from school authorities and parents, incorporating the special needs of the kids.

Participation in our Vacation Camps is purely voluntary.

Hobby Classes

Hobby classes are programs that are intended to supplement the academic aspect of the school experience. These classes are offered to individuals/groups, after school hours, from Monday to Saturday.

Participation in these activities is purely voluntary. The activities are customised to suit the convenience of the school.

Hobby classes were necessary because children today are deprived of meaningful activity. The gadget age continues to take kids to higher levels of inactivity, thus endangering their health.

Meaningful and educative after-school activities give kids an avenue to expend their energy in the proper way, build their immune system and improve their mind-body combine.

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