Fitness, Food and Fun


The FitKidz™ Program (FK) is an customised curriculum of fitness training, nutrition guidance and healthy weight-control programs, designed specifically for children of all ages. FK is delivered in an atmosphere of fun, that makes understanding and retention easier. We work within the curriculum and time table of the school.

Our objective is to change our kid’s appearance through holistic fitness and healthy food habits; in a fun environment that stimulates learning and retention.

FK helps children overcome health problems, develop active and positive lifestyles, and raise their self-esteem in the process. We motivate, teach and guide children to establish a solid foundation and healthy lifestyle.

FK is a combination of Tele-games, Aerobics, Boot camp regimen, Dance and Nutrition Guidance. It is a safe, effective and fun form of exercise, suitable for all levels of ability. It is a mind and body co-ordination workout, using a series of different muscle groups throughout the workout to strengthen, increase flexibility and tone. As the muscles become stronger, children will feel less fatigued.

FK is an initiative of V’s Fitness™, the organisation founded in Dubai by Venancio D’souza in ’98. V’s Fitness has delivered safe, easy-to-implement fitness programs based on similar principles, to approx. 5,000 children in Mumbai.

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