Fitness, Food and Fun

Advantages and Benefits

The FitKidz™ Program has numerous advantages and benefits:


• The FitKidz™ Program is designed especially for children of all ages
• The curriculum includes dance, fitness and nutrition guidelines.
• Each class will be taught through the year, in a fun filled manner
• The program will be integrated within the curriculum, during regular school hours
• Very cost-effective in for both parents & schools in terms of money and time



Parents and kids:

• Kids feel less stressed, better about themselves
• More ready to learn in school
• Keep healthy weight
• Build and keep healthy bones, muscles, joints
• Sleep better at night
• Learn to inculcate physical activity and healthy food habits as a lifestyle

Decision makers:

• Contribute to building a fitter and healthier society
• Add value to your students; help them grow stronger and fitter
• Enhance your schools’ profile with a tested, holistic curriculum
• Enhance your students’ performance and fitness levels
• Programs delivered within the school timetable
• Sessions are generally around 30 minutes
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